Over 10,000 Motors in stock!

M&M takes pride in the fact that we have well over 10,000 motor cores in our constantly changing inventory. Companies can talk about “having the most of this, or the biggest of that,” M&M focuses on having the most popular motors in stock that are in the Industry today, as well as always keeping some of the most popular oldies that our customers have the occasional need for.

Of the 10,000 motors in our inventory, M&M keeps over 2000 of these most popular part numbers, built on the shelf for same day shipment to locations all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many points beyond.

Among our broad base of customers are many dealers that just cannot get the service and availability from their “Factory Reman Programs.” We assist them on a weekly basis to take care of their customers’ needs. M&M same day shipments are just standard procedure within our company.

Strict Quality Control

One very important fundamental policy that has always remained constant is our attitude on the importance of strict quality control. Each and every motor that is remanufactured by M&M goes through a series of quality control test that must be met before the motor even reaches the dianl test. Our Quality Control Engineers are always analyzing what the failures are on new OEM motors, then we at M&M try to make improvements, and in many instances, the end result is an M&M remanufactured motor that exceeds and is an upgrade from OWN. Having our own “in house” armature winding department helps us have total control of the quality of the material and workmanship going into each armature.